Kill Your Husbands (autographed)


A witty, page-turning, twisty whodunit from the bestselling author of the Hangman series, perfect for fans of Benjamin Stevenson. Out now on Audible and in print.

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Three couples, friends since high school, rent a luxurious house in the mountains for an unplugged weekend of drinking and bushwalking. No internet, no phones, no stress. On the first night, the topic of partner-swapping comes up. It’s a joke—at first.

Not everyone is keen, but an agreement is made. The lights will be turned out. The three women will go into the three bedrooms. The three men will each pick a room at random. It won’t be awkward later, because they won’t know who they’ve slept with—or can pretend they don’t.

But when the lights come back on, one of the men is dead. No-one will admit to being his partner. The phones still don’t work, and now the car key is missing. They’re stranded. And the killer is just getting started…

Suitable for age 15+

“A deviously clever, locked-room mystery that had me nailed to the page to the very end. I dare you to stop reading once you begin.”
—DINUKA MCKENZIE, author of Taken

“Wow, this book puts the twist in twisted! I didn’t know who to trust or what to expect, but the one thing I did know was that I had to get to the end.”
—JESS KITCHING, author of Lucky Number 11

‘Kill Your Husbands is a twisted and devious ride, where the lights keeping going on and off. We’re holding our
breath, stumbling around in the dark while Jack Heath watches on gleefully. I loved it!’
—HAYLEY SCRIVENOR, author of Dirt Town

‘Buckle up! This unputdownable thriller takes you on an intense roller-coaster ride with twist after twist. Don’t expect to go to sleep until you reach the final page.’
—RAE CAIRNS, author of Dying to Know

‘This book will grab you by the throat with its title and then drag you breathlessly through its pages until you reach its heart-stopping end. Utterly mischievous and endlessly entertaining, Kill Your Husbands is an absolute roller-coaster of a read.’
—VERONICA LANDO, author of The Drowning Girls

‘Jack Heath is a must-buy author for me and, with twist after twist, Kill Your Husbands kept me guessing right till the end.’
—RACHAEL JOHNS, author of The Work Wives

‘Brilliantly crafted and thoroughly enjoyable. This book got under my skin.’
—KATE SOLLY, author of Tuesday Evenings with the Copeton Craft Resistance

‘I loved Kill Your Husbands. Mixing complex and compelling relationship dynamics with shocking twists and turns and a lurking dread that kept me turning the pages. Another great read from Jack Heath!’
—REBECCA HEATH, author of The Summer Party

‘Jack Heath ticks all the boxes with this page-turning, twisty, spine-chilling thriller. Read it with the lights on!’
—FIONA TAYLOR, host of Reading By Candlelight

‘Very entertaining. Great pacing, quick and robust characterisation . . . The world is familiar, yet horrific, unnerving and dangerous. The only thing more twisted than Jack’s characters is their author. He cracks the patina of the everyday and lets it bleed.’
—DAMON YOUNG, author of Philosophy in the Garden