Kill Your Brother (autographed)


A twisted roller-coaster of action and suspense from the acclaimed bestselling author of Hangman.

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Suitable for age 15+

Shortlisted for a Ned Kelly Award

Would you kill your brother to save yourself?

After months of searching, disgraced athlete Elise Glyk has finally found her missing brother, Callum. He’s being held in a backyard prison by Stephanie Hartnell, a former sheep farmer with an axe to grind. But before she can free Callum or call for help, Elise is captured and locked up alongside him.

Stephanie Hartnell doesn’t have room for two prisoners, and she has nothing against Elise. But she needs to make sure Elise can’t go to the police. So she offers her a deal: kill Callum, and you’re free to go.

Of course, Elise won’t even consider the deal. No way. It’s unthinkable. But she’s running out of time to find another way out. And her brother may not have told her the whole truth …

‘Utterly compelling. A complex sibling relationship twisting and turning on itself . . . shades of Stephen King. Yes, it’s that good . . . A wickedly delicious feast of a thriller.’
SARAH THORNTON, author of Lapse

‘Pure twist from start to finish’
‘Twisted . . . fiendish . . . startling’

Survivor on steroids’