The Missing Passenger

Jarli only narrowly escaped death after his world-shattering app made him infamous. Now there’s a new foe afoot and Jarli is far from safe in this thrilling sequel to The Truth App.

When a seemingly unoccupied plane crash lands in the middle of Kelton, Jarli’s attempts to lay low and out of Viper’s criminal crosshairs crash lands along with it.

The cause of the accident is a mystery until his Truth App uncovers a dangerous secret at the crash site—a secret Viper will do anything to keep buried.

Suddenly Jarli is a target again and on the run with his high school tormentor, Doug. There’s no one he can trust, not even the police—and Jarli’s starting to think Doug is hiding something, too. Constantly at odds and left with no other choice, they team up to conduct an investigation of their own. But when Doug’s past comes back to haunt them, Jarli fears that there’s little hope in getting out of this one alive.

Kelton was supposed to be the perfect hiding place. But there’s no hiding from the truth…

Published in Australia as No Survivors, this is a white-knuckled rollercoaster for age 10+.

Author Q&A

Why a plane crash?

The Truth App began had a car crash on the first page. I wanted book two to be bigger and better in every way. So it starts with a plane crash and keeps building from there.

Did you already have the plot for The Missing Passenger in mind when you wrote The Truth App?

Not the plot so much, but definitely the characters. I always knew what Doug was hiding, for example, even though it wasn’t in book one. A few other characters reveal their secrets in book two as well.

Do I have to read The Truth App first?

That’s a good idea, unless you have a pretty high tolerance for confusion. (Like me! I’m the kind of reader who starts a lot of series at book two.)

Did you have to do any special research?

I did some simulated flight training to practice emergency landings—the cockpit was real, but the plane itself wasn’t. I crashed a lot, but that wasn’t research, strictly speaking. It wasn’t on purpose.

I also read a great book called, And Then You’re Dead, which had a really cool chapter about what would happen if you were submerged in a bath of liquid helium. Spoiler warning: nothing… for a second or two.

Why is the title different in Australia?

Books change titles for all sorts of reasons, but in this case, No Survivors seemed like a kind of dark title given what was happening in the world at the time—so we changed it to The Missing Passenger before it was published in North America.

Will there be a book three?

There is in Australia, so hopefully it will get published in North America, too! Your support makes a difference, so if you’re enjoying the series, recommend it to your friends.

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