The Fictional Man

This is where you can order the bestselling, award-winning and definitely real book, The Fictional Man by Tara Moss. Just as soon as I get beyond the part of this webpage which is likely to appear in link previews, I’ll tell you where you can buy it.

Any moment now…

…OK, that should be enough.

Huge thanks to Tara Moss for agreeing to help me with the prank, using her formidable on-camera powers for evil instead of good. Thanks also to Venetia Major and Justin Bush for ideas and planning.

Tara’s actual memoir is The Fictional Woman (one of my favourite books) and her new novel is The Ghosts of Paris. It’s a globe-trotting, Nazi-smashing crime thriller set in 1947, and you can buy it here.

I also have a new audiobook out on April 4 (though I guess I’d understand if at this point you didn’t believe me). It’s a horror novel for kids age 9+ called Scream, and you can buy it here.

If this made you laugh, please share the video! And you might enjoy my other April Fools’ Day pranks from years past.