Solutions for the riddles in Hangman are below. Solutions for Hunter/Just One Bite are here.

Chapter 1: Footsteps

Chapter 2: Silence

Chapter 3: Your name

Chapter 4: Your shadow

Chapter 5: A piano

Chapter 6: Air

Chapter 7: A river

Chapter 8: When it’s ajar

Chapter 9: A thimble

Chapter 10: Meat

Chapter 11: A penny

Chapter 12: Wood, fire and smoke

Chapter 13: The third one (the lions are dead)

Chapter 14: Afraid of frostbite

Chapter 15: A secret

Chapter 16: A die

Chapter 17: Breath

Chapter 18: The doctor is the mother of the boy

Chapter 19: A coffin

Chapter 20: A candle

Chapter 21: They are hurricanes

Chapter 22: You don’t need to keep looking once you’ve found me

Chapter 23: A stopped clock is right twice per day

Chapter 24: Suicide

Chapter 25: A choker

Chapter 26: Tomorrow

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