Scream: The Human Flytrap (autographed)


Out August 1. Preorder now.



Out August 1. Preorder now.

The murky shadows shifted again. Before Josh’s eyes, they solidified into something with arms and legs and a huge bulbous head . . .

Josh lives in Axe Falls―a town of mysterious disappearances, terrifying visions, and unusual events. When his family moves to a spooky, run-down old ruin, and he meets a strange neighbour telling him to GET OUT, Josh thinks his life is weird enough.

But when his best friend’s science experiment goes horribly wrong, and he finds himself running for his life, Josh starts to wonder . . . What is really going on in Axe Falls?

And will anyone survive long enough to find out?

“Plenty of twists and turns to keep readers of all abilities hooked.” Sally Murphy