Headcase (autographed)


Timothy Blake returns in a tense, unputdownable thriller from the author of Hangman.

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A Chinese astronaut is found dead in a NASA training environment in Houston, Texas. No one can explain how he got there. Amid fears of a diplomatic catastrophe, the CIA dispatches Timothy ‘Hangman’ Blake to investigate a convicted kidnapper who works in the facility – someone Blake put away seven years ago.

Blake is deeply insane, afflicted by terrible urges he can barely control – but he’s also brilliant. Zara, his beautiful and deadly CIA handler, suspects a secret Chinese spacecraft is surveilling the United States, but Blake can see something much more sinister is going on. Something connected to the kidnapping seven years ago, to the technologies being developed at NASA, and to the serial killer known as the Texas Reaper.

Will Blake survive long enough to uncover the truth? And if he does, will anyone even believe him?

‘Dark, wild, and most importantly, fun.’ – SHELLEY BURR, author of Wake

‘An irresistible mystery, an insatiable antihero and shock twists galore.’ – GABRIEL BERGMOSER, author of The Hitchhiker

‘Thrilling, grisly and inventive: Jack Heath has single-handedly increased my carbon footprint through lights left on.’ – BENJAMIN STEVENSON, author of Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone

‘Heath will make your spine tingle and your fingers flip pages.’ – CANDICE FOX, author of Crimson Lake