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About Ink, Inc.

Lukas once did something terrible. Ever since, he’s been taking Care – a drug which gives him a conscience.

When Lukas gets kidnapped, his supply is cut off. He’s Carefree.

Who is his captor? And what will she do when he becomes a monster?

Ink, Inc. is a gripping adventure from the award-winning author of Hangman. This edition includes a bonus novella, Crossover.

“It’s clever, it’s sly, it’s punchy… it’s not a half-baked vision of the near future, it’s fully-baked with that real depth of flavour that lingers long after the last bite.” -Michael Pryor, author of Machine Wars

“A fantastic story with some very thought provoking ideas and an absolutely brilliant ending… it tied the pieces together beautifully and made me want to cry.” -Chantelle Griffin, author of Legacy of Zyanthia

“Wow, what a concept for a story! The scary part is the reality of Ink, inc. might not be too far into the distant future. This read will have you wondering what’s going to happen from the start and every page thereafter. Each time I thought I knew what was going to happen it rarely did.” -Melissa Wray

“God, a breathtaking book, read it in a day and I extremely liked it.” -Someshwar Tripathi