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The latest issue will disappear as soon as I post the next one–this isn’t a Substack, and there is no archive. If you miss a post, you miss it. Think of it like live music, which most people enjoy in the moment, but which absolutely no-one wants to hear on Spotify.

Why do I delete the old posts? I don’t know, exactly. Because I hate reading other people’s articles which turn out to be old and full of dead links? Because my least favourite thing about social media is the way old posts come back to haunt you (and yet, somehow, are unexpectedly hard to find when you need them)? Because I want my lasting body of work to be comprised of my books, which are edited and triple-sifted, rather than stuff I wrote about the books, which isn’t even proofread?

I guess ultimately it’s because this is my website, and I’ll run it however I like. The point is, if you subscribe, the newsletter will be in your inbox, you’ll have control over whether it gets deleted or not (depending who your email provider is, of course).

Anyway, I hope that’s that’s enough extra content that it won’t look weird when there’s another subscribe link in the footer, right below this paragraph. (I don’t know how to delete it from this page alone.)