Online class: writing Hangman

Hangman is an international bestseller about a disturbed FBI consultant in Houston, Texas. The book has been translated into five languages, adapted for audio, optioned for TV and has spawned two sequels.

Jack Heath is the award-winning author of more than thirty thrillers. In this online masterclass he gives Hangman a detailed autopsy, revealing all the techniques he used to write the book, and showing you how to use them in your own projects.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make an outrageous premise convincing
  • Get readers to fall in love with a monstrous character
  • Write scenes that leave readers appalled yet delighted
  • and much, much more!

The class includes:

  • A PDF workbook with 50 lessons and exercises to improve your writing. Practice character snapshots, world-building, setting up plot twists and many other skills.
  • A casual video chat with Jack so you can ask specific questions, like: How can I avoid writers block? How do I know which scenes to cut? What genre am I even writing in?
  • An early draft of Hangman which shows how the novel evolved. It’s never a good idea to show anyone your first draft, but Jack is going to do it.

Perfect for:

  • Aspiring writers who want to level up their skills
  • Fans of Hangman who want to know how the novel came about

Note: it’s a good idea to read the published version of Hangman before taking this class. The book is not included. You can buy it from your local bookstore or online.

Start the class

The workbook and the early draft of Hangman will be emailed to you within 48 hours of payment, and Jack will be in touch within a week to schedule the video chat.



What’s in the workbook?
See for yourself! You can read a sample here.

What if I decide the class isn’t right for me after all?
No worries! Just email us within two weeks for a full refund, no questions asked.

Can I buy the class as a gift?
Sure! Just let Jack know it’s for someone else when he contacts you to organise the video chat.

Are there any technical requirements?
You’ll need a computer, an internet connection, a PDF reader, a word processor (or paper journal), and Zoom for the video chat.

What level is the course suitable for?
If you’re familiar with terms like character, plot and setting, the lessons won’t be too advanced for you. If you’ve already written and published several novels, some of the content may not feel advanced enough – but if you do all the exercises, your skills will still improve.

Will Jack read my writing?
Sorry, no. He’ll gladly discuss your work with you in the video chat, but if you’re looking for a mentorship or a manuscript assessment, you’re better off talking to your local nonprofit writers organisation. You’ll find more information here.

Will this course help me get published?
There’s some general information about the publishing industry in the workbook, but the main focus of the class is developing your skills as a writer. Again, your local writing organisation will be of more use.

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