Kid President Totally Rules!

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Jaxxon has accidentally been elected to rule as the first ever KID PRESIDENT.

He has big ideas: free ice-cream in every school! Homework will be illegal! All national parks will become skate parks!

But not everyone thinks these new changes are as cool as Jaxxon does. Shadowy forces are gathering. Lame people, willing to do just about anything to kick him out of office.

Can Jaxxon keep his presidency and show everyone he totally rules?

Author Q & A

First up, what is this, and who’s it for?

It’s a book! Specifically, an illustrated comedy for age 9+.

Did you do the illustrations?

Oh man, I wish I could draw! No, Max Rambaldi did all the pictures. Here’s Jaxxon being told that he’s suddenly the president (and pulled out of class by a bunch of secret service agents):

How did you come up with Kid President Totally Rules?

I was reading an article about the arguments for and against age limits for presidential candidates. The article said that some 60-year olds might already be too senile to run a country, but a sharp 110-year old may be capable of doing the job. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, and misread that as “a sharp 10-year old may be capable of doing the job”. The mental image was so funny—yet strangely appealing—that I couldn’t help but write about it.

Is this a sequel to Stunt Kid Seriously Stacks It?

No. But eagle-eyed readers may spot some familiar characters in the background!

Who’s your favourite character in this one?

Definitely Opal Kerchief, trillionaire heiress (her great-grandfather invented the handkerchief, and she still owns the patent—along with almost everything else).

Do you think a kid would make a good president in real life?

Depends on the kid! Obviously young people have less experience and knowledge than old people. But I think children are often willing to tackle big problems that adults say are “just too complicated”. This is really a book about that.