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With kids falling out of planes, escaping from quicksand, outwitting killer robots, riding giant sharks, kung-fu fighting dinosaurs and hurtling through space without a space suit, the Danger books are non-stop entertainment for reluctant and voracious readers aged 9+.

The Minutes of Danger books each have ten (interconnected) stories which can be read in real time. The Countdown to Danger books force the reader to make a series of life-or-death decisions, leading to thirty stunning endings per book!

“The danger snowballs in every story… When one problem is solved, another is right around the corner. When things start to look like they’re going to be okay, something snaps, or something falls, or something explodes and the main characters are thrown back into epic disaster… Stories don’t get more action packed, faster paced or more addictive than these. ” —Shaye Wardrop, kids-bookreview.com