Countdown to Danger: Bullet Train Disaster

Countdown to Danger: Bullet Train Disaster

Thirty dangerous paths. Thirty minutes to figure out how to escape.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS! Will you survive? A countdown clock on each page tells you how much time you have left.

Imagine: you’re strapped tightly into your seat on a brand-new bullet train that’s about to ascend the mountain for the very first time. The slope is so steep that the aisle is actually a staircase. Something doesn’t feel right to you. And then, as the train accelerates, a passenger slips out of his seatbelt and falls towards the back of the train. At the very least, he’ll be seriously injured; he may even die. What do you do? Every decision leads you deeper into danger . . . and possibly to your death. Start the clock: because you’ve got 30 options to choose from—and 30 minutes to make it to safety. What a cool adventure!

Which choices would you make to survive?
– You’re alone in the mountains with Taylor, a young aristocrat who’s in danger of being kidnapped. When a truck comes by, do you hide . . . or trust Taylor when he says it belongs to his relatives?
– If you choose to trust Taylor and step into the truck, what do you do when you notice a cell phone in a bag on the floor? Your own phone is broken—will you take this one just in case?
– A volcano on the mountain has exploded. Boiling lava is bubbling toward you when you spot a cave. Do you go inside . . . or keep sprinting down the slope?
– The bullet train has stopped to help a boy who has fallen out. Will you convince the conductor to try to try to reach the top of the mountain—or should he head back down again to get help?
– A group of bandits have caught you. But if you join them, they won’t kill you, and you’ll share everything they steal. Will you accept their offer?
There are 10 ways to stay alive. See if you can find one of them!

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