Timothy Blake

A disturbed FBI consultant searches Houston, Texas for a kidnapped boy.

I cannot recommend this series enough, Jack Heath has brought to life a wonderful, yet terrible character in Timothy Blake, and I can’t wait for his next exploits. Bring it on!-Kylie D

Liars (9+, Scholastic ANZ, Simon & Schuster North America)

When Jarli’s lie-detector app goes viral, he becomes the target of organised crime.

No backstory necessary in a Jack Heath thriller. We are straight into the action within two sentences.-Michelle

Minutes of Danger (9+, published by Scholastic Australia and Sterling USA)

Ten linked stories per book, all written in real-time. Will Tony find a cure to the deadly virus? How will Liliana escape from the burning building? Can Tak outsmart a killer robot? Where can Sally hide from the giant mosquito? Will Ella free herself from the quicksand before the predators in the jungle find her? The Danger series has all this and more.

“You won’t be able to put down this action-packed thriller, even better read with the minutes ticking over in the margins… Highly recommended for children aged 10+.” – Artelle Lenthall, Creative Kids Tales

The Mysterious World of Cosentino (6+, Scholastic Australia)

The Mysterious World of Cosentino is about the adventures of an illusionist living in a world where magic is real – but banned by the evil King of Diamonds. Each book has beautiful illustrations, plenty of humour and each one even teaches magic tricks!

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Countdown to Danger (8+, Scholastic Australia, Sterling USA)

Thirty endings per book—choose wisely. Can you escape from a group of bank robbers? How about outrunning molten lava? And can you hide from a giant shark?

The Fero Files (10+, Allen & Unwin)

Fero isn’t a spy—but he looks like someone who is. When he gets arrested in a case of mistaken identity, volunteering for a dangerous mission may be his only hope. This espionage series was nominated for several awards and has delighted fans of the Jason Bourne and Alex Rider series.

Scream (9+, Scholastic Australia, Bayard Frisson France)

Welcome to Axe Falls, a town filled with terrifying creatures.

Standalone novels

Ashley Arthur (12+, Pan Macmillan, Scholastic America, Usborne UK)

Two teenage thieves become the target of a hit man.

Just. Plain. Awesome. I sat down with this book with no real intention of starting that night, I was just checking it out. Next thing I know, it is 2 o’clock in the morning and I finished it. Thriller, indeed.-Alyssa

Six Of Hearts (12+, Pan Macmillan Australia, Scholastic America)

A teenage superhuman fights for justice in a grim future.

It’s… well, its like reading an action-packed movie. And it’s awesome.-Amy

Looking for something that isn’t here? It’s possible that it was written by a different Jack Heath. There are a few of us around. I didn’t, for example, write that book about the witch trials.

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