200 Minutes of Mystery

10 stories. 10 mysterious situations. 10 brave kids. 20 minutes of clues.

  • Omar is buried alive in a coffin. Who put him there?
  • Kane’s parachute fails during a skydive. Is someone trying to kill him?
  • Fang is investigated by secret police. Can she prove she isn’t a traitor?


Q: Is this a Danger book?

A: Just like in 200/300/400/500 Minutes of Danger, this is a book of interlinked short stories, all designed to be read in real time, with a different dangerous situation in each one. But unlike in those books, the hero also has to solve a crime in each of these stories.

Q: What made you want to try something different?

A: The Danger series has been fun because there’s so much freedom. Every story is an opportunity for a new character, a new setting, a new plot. But the endings of the stories eventually started wearing on me. There’s only so many times you can write, “Finally she was safe. The end.” This new book has opportunities for more variety.

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