200 Minutes of Danger

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10 Stories. 10 Dangerous Situations. 10 Brave Kids. 20 Minutes to Escape.

Quinn gets thrown overboard into an icy ocean. Can he outwit the circling shark?
Ashling is watching a history-making science experiment – but it’s about to go horribly wrong . . .

Oscar hides from two secret agents while something much more dangerous hunts all three of them!

Praise for the series:

“Fantastic middle grade read . . . great recommendation for a reluctant reader who loves action and adventure. So well written, Jack Heath is a master of his craft . . . I absolutely zoomed through these stories.” -Melissa Riley

“What an awesome read! Every story was action packed. Each one grabbed me straight away and wouldn’t let me go until I’d finished it. Highly recommended for young readers.” -Gary Vassalo

“I used (300 Minutes of Danger) in my 6/7 composite literacy class and it was fantastic. The stories were exciting and both the boys and girls enjoyed them. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to engage young or challenged readers in literacy. Plus, as the teacher, it’s always a bonus when I enjoy the book as much as the students. Jack Heath has created the perfect mix of age-appropriate danger and excitement. I highly recommend this text to teachers and young readers alike.” –Alice

“It’s an absolutely awesome and exhilarating series… a brilliant set of short stories that has my heart beating. It has always been at the top of my wish list.” -Samuel Soo

“That perfect adrenaline surge of a book a kid never forgets, and they also never forget the genius parent or aunt who hooked them up with this good stuff. Be that person helping to lay the most important foundations in the life of every child.” -Ryan Lindsay, teacher and author of Ink Island